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Employer Account

£6.50 per month covers your first 5 employees. If you have more than 5 employees, the extras cost £1 per month each.

For example, for 15 employees, the monthly cost is £16.50 (£6.50 + £1 x 10 extra employees).

We don't charge extra for features of the system, so everything from email payslips to auto enrolment assessments is included.

You can pay a month at a time, with no commitment to continue.

There are also quarterly and annual options.

To get your first month free, start a free trial.


Agent Account

An agent account lets you run payrolls for up to 100 clients.

It costs £10 per month, plus 60p per employee per month, regardless of the number of employers involved.

For example, for 10 clients with two employees each, the monthly fee is £22 (£10 basic + 60p x 20 employees).

For larger agents, we set a maximum monthly charge of £65 per account, so you won't pay more than this.

An agent account gives you all the same features as an employer account.

To get your first month free, start a free trial.

If you pay your staff weekly, this doesn't change the monthly charge. We don't charge for employees who have left.

All prices exclude VAT.

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