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Never before, in my 16 years of managing payroll, have I been so efficient...

-Lynn Hannawin, I-Next Ltd

The majority of our customers are small businesses. These include an enormous variety of businesses, from shops, pubs and restaurants through to specialist firms in construction, engineering and law. We aim to make your payroll processing as quick and easy as possible, leaving you with more time to concentrate on your business.

As well as small businesses, we also have many customers in the following groups

  • Charities and churches
  • Social clubs
  • Individuals employing Nannies, Carers or other staff

Great navigation. Superb website. Better than Basic Tools. Very helpful.

-Neil Hooton, Affirm Accountancy Services Ltd

We also have a growing number of accountants and bookkeepers, who administer payrolls on behalf of their clients. These customers have a special type of account which allows them to access multiple employers via a single username and password.

The payroll Service just keeps getting better. They take away all the complications associated with online filing and have one of the best customer service departments we've encountered.

-Lisa Coles, Yink Ltd

While some of our customers are completely new to payroll, others have switched from using a payroll package, such as Sage. Our customers tell us that our system is easier to use, with the features they need and without the problem of upgrading their software every time the rules change. Many of our customers switch to us to reduce the hassle of doing their payroll processing by hand. Others have taken their payroll out of the hands of accountants or bookkeepers, giving them more control and saving them money at the same time.

Don't just take their word for it, sign up for a one month free trial today.

Brilliant payroll solution for a small village cricket club. It works, is cost effective and the technical support is absolutely outstanding - responsive and very knowledgeable. Very highly recommended.

-Treasurer, Barlaston CC

We have been using The Payroll Site for several years now, the system is straightforward to set up, administer and use on a daily basis. The Payroll Site offers exceptional value and we have recommended the system many times.

-Simon Winter, Simon Winter Marine Ltd

Absolutely delighted with the simplicity of the Payroll Service. I have used for two years now and will continue to renew yearly.

-Maria, Be Empowered Farm Futures

you have by far the best customer service staff of any service provider we currently use and that includes Lightspeed, QuickBooks, Smart Pensions, HSBC, and DHL online services. I am so happy with the service I received.

-Farooq Hassan, 29 Lowndes

I've been using The Payroll Site for over 5 years now, across 3 different companies. I always recommend The Payroll Site to my associates and business colleagues. For me its a really easy system to use, written, updated and maintained by people who clearly know the rules and changing legislation.

-Carl Jaffer, M3 Partners Limited

Very user friendly and reliable service, used for several years with no issues and the right information easily to hand.

-Alex Dean, Bridge Fuels SouthWest Ltd

Staff are always incredibly helpful and friendly. The system is easy to use. We are very pleased that we used thepayrollsite for our business as well as my daughters PA. I have recommended the service to several others.

-Simon Virgo

I have been using the Payroll Site for over a year now; regardless of who I speak to, when and for what reason, the service I receive is nothing short of wonderful.

-Glen, Vape and Juice UK

It has always been a pleasure dealing with the Payroll Site Staff and you have always been most helpful whenever I have needed assistance.

-Tricia Benneyworth, Southern Counties Landscapes (SE) Ltd

This company has some of the best informed and most helpful people I have worked with. This website and the people behind it makes our payroll administration straight forward and worry free. Thank you!

-John Emin, Akira Financial Limited

Your payroll service is without any doubt the best we have ever used. It is really easy, super fast and does everything we and our clients need. Highly recommended.

-L D Pain, Wisbech Bookkeeping Services

I have used Sage previously and it is too cumbersome and complex. This site is so easy to use for a small business. We have 10 people and this site shaves the time it was taking me to do payroll by about 50%. Love it. Cost is very fair, back up advice is top knotch too.

-Adam, BoConcept Glasgow

It's nice when everything just clicks together, all very efficient and everything is completed without any hassles.

-Dan Wardle, Surveylab Limited

Customer service is excellent and the team very friendly and professional. Have recommended this to many clients and will continue to do so

-Louise, Accent on Bookkeeping

I just wanted to say thank you for making your website so user friendly - it is brilliant. I have been using it for a few years now and really wouldn't know what I would do without it

-Sarah Cholmondeley

Really love the new Post Payrun we email our payslips out, this feature to send bulk emails to individuals has made the process oh so simple. THANK YOU

-Samia Tossia, Mayday Optical Co Ltd t/as Optique

We have completed our 1st payroll month using thepayrollsite and exported via the XERO api, all works flawlessly...the fact it integrates so well with Xero was a killer feature we were looking for.

-Jason Brown, Finance Director, Monochrome Ltd

I am very impressed with your system. I tried out a bunch of other ways of doing the payroll and yours was by far the easiest to use

-Frank Nanfara, Studica Ltd

I am a trained accountant and I love your system. It is very simple to use and now I have no trouble processing the wages and sending the tax payments on time. I used Iris before and I was tearing my hair out with frustration.

-Rathika Hariharan FCCA, APMP

I have loved using your payroll site, its so easy and quick. I had never realised that there were online payrolls like this but I am so glad I have found you!! ps no more expensive payslips to order in bulk!!

-Linda Cain, A5 Salvage

I have recently lost a computer which held our payroll records. The data was backed up but it took me 4 hours to reinstall a new computer and the software. However your system is fantastic. It is easy to use and everything is off my pc so no repeat of the above.

-Terry Hunt, ASAP Tyres and Exhausts Ltd

I love your system - it is so easy! When I took over, we had to set the business up quickly, and payroll was one of the things I needed. When I saw the advert I thought it was a great idea because payroll has always been a pain. It was quick and easy to set up and I'm a very happy customer.

-Simon George, Hertfordshire Business Independent

very helpful for those that don't want stress over tax affairs

-D Jones, Hygeclean

Just started using the Payroll Site online system. Pretty straight forward and when needed the help desk have been great. Does what it says on the tin.

-Will, Curtains Made Simple

Thank you for this exceptional service. Your site is so simple to navigate and most intuitive

-Ronit, Micro Men Ltd
All quotations on this page are independent comments made by customers and are reproduced with their express approval. Comments made in private correspondence are kept confidential.

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