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Can I email payslips to my employees?

Yes - You can use our ePayslip feature. It will email payslips to your employees as password-protected PDF attachments. Although our system sends the emails on your behalf, they will appear to come from your email address, so your employees know who sent them.

To send an ePayslip, you must first set an email address and password on the employee's Personal Details tab:

  • Click on the employee's name in the options list
  • Use the Edit Details/Save Changes buttons to set the email address and password

Next, use the Pay Employees option to calculate a payrun and confirm it.

Finally, click onto the Payslip Options tab and choose the option to email the payslip.

If you have email addresses for more than one employee, you can send them all ePayslips at the same time using the 'Send Payslips as Bulk Emails' button.

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