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What should I do when the HMRC Payments page shows I have 0.00 to pay?

A figure of 0.00 means there is nothing to pay HMRC.

It could be because you haven't paid your employees or because you are reclaiming statutory pay or CIS. In these cases, you should send a type of RTI submission called an EPS (Employer Payment Summary). Alternatively, if you paid your employees and sent the usual RTI submission but the pay was low enough not to attract tax or NI, there is no further return to send.

You should click 'Save as Today' on our HMRC Payments page, which will then move on to calculating the figures for the next month.

A figure of 0.00 can mean that HMRC owe money to you, for example if you are recovering SMP that is more than the tax and NI liability. The system will automatically carry any excess forward to the following month.

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