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Why did NEST Web Services reject my contributions file?

The most common error message is 'NEST doesn't have a contribution schedule that exactly matches the header of this file. Log on to NEST's website and check the Payment Source, Payment Frequency and the end of the Earnings Period.'

If you see that message:

  1. Click Show File and then View Data to see the Payment Source, Frequency and Earnings Period End Date.
  2. Log into NEST, view their list of contribution schedules and compare it to what was on our system.
  3. Check NEST's Payment source, Payment frequency and the end of the Earnings period against what was in the file.
    • If the Payment frequency on NEST is 'Monthly' or 'Weekly', you need to change it to 'Tax Monthly' or 'Tax Weekly' on NEST by adding a new group and moving the employees across.
    • If Payment source doesn't match exactly, change it within our Workplace Pensions option and then recreate the file.
    • If just the Earnings period is different, NEST may not have created the contributions schedule yet.

For more information see NEST's website or our NEST guide.

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