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How can I pay an ex-employee after I have processed them as a leaver?

If you have entered the employee's leaving date, sent the RTI submission and issued a P45 and then discovered you need to make an extra payment to the employee:

  1. On the employee's Tax Details page, set the Final Pay Date to be the Pay Date of the extra payment.
  2. If the tax code starts with an S, change it to S0T, otherwise change it to 0T.
  3. Set 'Tax Code is Week1/Month1?' to Yes.
  4. Use the Pay Employees option to enter the pay run for the employee (if you are not paying the other employees, start the pay run and then untick them).
  5. Once you have confirmed the pay run, send the RTI submission and give the payslip to the employee.

Note: If the final payment is to be made in the next tax year (6th April onwards), remember to set the Final Pay Date before you click 'Finish Tax Year'.

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