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What is an ECON/SCON and where can I find details?

These were for contracted-out pensions and are not needed after April 2016.

ECON stands for Employer's Contracting-Out Number. SCON stands for Scheme Contracted-out Number. They are optional 9 character reference numbers. You will have an ECON if the employer has an occupational pension scheme that is contracted out of the State Second Pension. Depending on the type of contracted-out pension, you may also have an SCON for each member of the scheme.

When the employer started the Contracted-out pension scheme they would have received a copy of the Contracted out certificate from HM Revenue and Customs. The ECON and SCON are shown on the top of this certificate.

Most employers do not have an ECON or an SCON and should leave these boxes blank.

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