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What are the Entitled Worker Actions?

These are the actions the employer must take when a worker is assessed and falls into the category Entitled Worker.

If you are not using postponement, the action required is to ensure the worker receives information about their right to 'join' a pension. You can give them a letter about their rights as an Entitled Worker, or you can use a combined letter that also explains the rights of Non-Eligible Jobholders.

You can download a template for the combined letter from The Pensions Regulator.

Once you have given the letter to the employee, the action has been completed and you do not need to repeat it each time they are found to be in this category. You will have to act if the worker notifies you that they wish to join a pension.

You can read more about Workplace Pensions / Auto Enrolment in our Automatic Enrolment guide.

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