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How do I export my pay run figures to QuickFile?

QuickFile is an online accounting system provided by QuickFile Ltd. If you have an account with QuickFile, you can send your payroll figures directly to their system, to save retyping them.

Log in to your QuickFile account and connect to us via the Marketplace:

  1. From the 'Help' menu, choose 'Additional services'.
  2. Click onto 'QuickFile Marketplace'.
  3. On the line that says 'The Payroll Site', click 'Connect' to get your token, which is a short code.
  4. This token and the account number shown in the top right corner will be needed later, as explained below.

To set up your account on The Payroll Site:

  1. Click the 'Accounting' option.
  2. Click 'Edit Details' and select the option for 'QuickFile'.
  3. Fill in the account number and token from the QuickFile Marketplace.
  4. Click 'Set to Defaults' or fill in the nominal codes manually.

To transfer your figures:

  1. Use The Payroll Site to calculate your pay run as normal and click 'Confirm Payments'.
  2. Click the 'Export to Accounting' button.
  3. Click 'Create Accounting Transaction'.
  4. Click 'Send to QuickFile', which will create a journal entry in your QuickFile account.

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