At the End of the Tax Year

The tax year ends on 5th April and any pay dates from 6th April onwards fall in the new tax year.

Under RTI, you still need to send a year end submission but it is quite simple, as you have already sent details of your employees.

You should send your year end RTI submission by 19th April, as follows:

  • Click the 'Finish Tax Year' option and follow the instructions on screen
  • Click 'Continue to your final RTI submission'
  • Figures for statutory pay and other amounts reclaimed will appear automatically, based on what you have entered onto the system. They can be edited if necessary.
  • Fill in your User ID and Password for HMRC Online and click 'Send to HMRC'

You should give P60 certificates to your employees by 31st May. You can print or download a P60 by clicking on the employee's name and choosing the option at the top of that page.